The Crucial Roles of Sound and Lighting

Think about any good visual story you have witnessed lately. Maybe it was a movie, a concert, or a production at a theater. Perhaps a downtown shop did an excellent job of showcasing what their own individual personality was and you easily understood it. Chances are, whatever it may be, you may have had a completely different perception with bad lighting and awful sound quality.

For a story, the key to being remembered lies within the details. The lighting should ensure that the subject in focus will never be lost. The sound must convey the desired message and evoke emotion from the viewer. The same idea works for any event, party, or even an everyday experience you may want to make memorable. Setting the proper mood, ambiance, and tone of your story is crucial to ensuring that it will be entertaining and unforgettable.

Whatever scenario you are planning to play out, whether it is your wedding or the opening of your new business, people need to understand your messaging. If dinner is done and it’s time to dance at a wedding, guests should be able to feel the shift, not only by being invited to dance but by the entire ambiance evolving into an upbeat atmosphere so they feel lively. When a performer on stage is about to come out, a sense of suspense is created through light shows, smoke, and sound. In a store, the way you light a product can effectively showcase its value which can result in more sales.

When you think about your special day or event, the last thing you want to be worried about is figuring out the correct sound and lighting by yourself. As noted, sound and lighting play an important role in being part of your story, but the way your event is set up including draping & staging, video production and more can further influence guest experience.

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