Livestream Your Event!

The demand to live stream events has been steadily increasing with the capabilities of technology and the web growing.  It is becoming so much easier to get your message out to people at remote locations or even to let others join in on your event. At ASH , we’ve accepted this change and shift in our industry and have ramped up our equipment and knowledge base to serve our clients better.  MSL is capable of taking your next audio visual rental and event to the next level by sharing it across the web.  We are increasingly adding our web streaming services to our customers a/v packages.


This technology is also being used to have satellite locations for events. While a company or ministry may be holding a live event in a specific city, they may want to share the same event at the same time at a remote city or location. Mercury can help your company or ministry achieve the tasks both on a rental bases and a permanent integration basis. We have helped several corporate clients set up their conference rooms so they can share their meetings elsewhere. Similarly, we have helped churches set their spaces up to broadcast their services weekly. This has helped those Houses of Worship showcase their praise and gospel choir – helping showcase their faith and growth their congregation. We are no longer limited to the confines or our brick and mortar. We can now spread our meetings and services out to anyone who needs to listen or attend. Contact us at Mercury Sound & Lighting today to discuss how we can help your organization with the Live Streaming needs.