5 Ways to Be a Better Event Manager

Running an event is no easy job. There is so much to keep track of such as guests, vendors, promotion, the location, and so much more. As event managers ourselves, we know you always have room to grow so you can put on even better events in the future. Read our top ways to become an even better event manager below.

Go Check Out Other Events

People learn by example. As an event organizer, it helps to attend events other people put together. The whole time you may be thinking, “why did they do that” or “I would have…” This reflection is important to uncover opportunities you hadn’t considered. Going to events might also help you see what issues you would like to avoid. At least you will be able to sit back and enjoy the show.

Practice a Positive Outlook

A positive, can-do attitude gets things done. As an event planner, your mission is to solve your client’s problems. When you see an issue, you explain why a different approach will be better. Even if the client has an impossible goal or a strange request, it is then your responsibility to creatively explore a workaround to give them the event they want in a realistic way.

Wow the Crowd with Spot On A/V

Sound fades, especially with greater space and more people. The acoustics of a location can end up sponging up the music or amplified voices everyone should hear. Unless you have a small, intimate event coming up, consider a sound system. People are more engaged when the audio and visual quality is top-notch. Including a professional technician will make this experience even better for your guests and easy for you to manage.

Get the Right MC

Choosing the right host for your party keeps the agenda rolling and guests excited. Having someone on hand in your organization is super helpful. On the other hand, having an agency host, the event can take the pressure off the people in your network.

Learn and Grow for the Next Event

Each event you plan, assemble, and execute makes the next one that much better. It is okay to make a mistake or see an error – just take note of it and avoid it next time. Be hungry for feedback, accept it graciously, and use it. Account for feedback in the planning stage by including it in the run of the show through evaluation forms, interviews, or surveys. Take time with your team after the event to go through what worked and what improvements can be made for next time.

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