3 Ways To Transform Your Wedding With Lighting

Lighting is always important in every situation- we wouldn’t be able to see without light. However, at weddings, it is much more than just seeing. Lighting is a critical part of creating ambiance at your wedding and making everyone feel good. The lighting sets the mood, highlights your wedding style, and also creates fun to the dance floor. When used in the right way, light can turn the dullest wedding venues into beautiful spaces. Do you want to make your wedding unique in an affordable way?

Here are the top three ways to transform your wedding with lighting.

Play with Twinkle Lighting

Do you love the twinkling stars? Do you wish to see the same effect in your wedding venue? Then you got to play with the twinkle lighting. Long strands of twinkle lights have become a must-have accessory for most wedding reception venues. You can wrap the twinkle lights around pillars or place them in unique bowls and position them strategically on spread throughout the venue. Luckily, there are all kinds of options to explore to make your wedding unique.

Fairy Lights Will Transform Everything at Your Wedding Venue

Fairy lights have become popular since they use LEDs instead of bulbs making them safe for everyone. Most of them are also battery powered so you can use them anywhere. There are also lots of options when it comes to hanging fairy lights including:

Wrapping them around beams or pillars

Hanging them from above as ceiling canopies

Draping them over staircases or railings

You can as well put them inside glass vases and use them as table decorations.

Cast Different Light Patterns on the Dance Floor

You want everyone at your wedding to dance and enjoy themselves. However, getting people to move from their seats to the dance floor calls for more than just playing their favorite tunes. To attract your guests to the dance floor, you need, the right light patterns or spotlights trained on the artist. You may also want to use lights to create unique designs on the dance floor.