Enhance Your Next Event with These 6 Lighting Tips

There are many ways to transform an event into an experience to remember. The dynamic lighting effects can help bring a creative element to your event. Most people overlook lighting, but it can help make your event fresh.

Lighting options have become more expansive as technology develops. Since the development of LED lighting in the 90s, the opportunities available to enhance event production have only grown.

Below are our suggestions for how to set your event apart using creative lighting.

Tip #1: Build Your Theme with Uplighting

Uplighting is when your team places floor-based lighting fixtures around the event space. The direction of the fixtures can focus on architectural elements, floors, walls, or any other area you would like to highlight. Uplighting is also an excellent way to express your color theme without overpowering your audience.

Tip #2: Pin-Spotting to Highlight a Centerpiece

The technique of pin-spotting focuses soft, warm light onto centerpieces on guests’ tables. This lighting can improve photos and help draw attention to table displays. Pin-spotting can also allow you to turn down the lights around the room.

Tip #3: Moving Heads to Move Your Audience

Large, moving heads are nothing new in the world of lighting. In the past, this technique had a metal slide set in front of light projectors to display a chosen pattern. As technology has moved forward, there are now options to show a pattern or geometric design on plastic slides. The use of a plastic slide makes the opportunity for you to change the patterns or displays during an event much less expensive.

Tip #4: Customized Monograms for Subtle Tones

A customized monogram, design, family crest, etc. can add sophistication to an event. Lighting professionals can set a customized image on a stage or a background. With the power of LED lights, you have options for coloring your personalized monogram or symbol.

Tip #5: Intelligent Lighting for Dynamic Options

With the growth of AI and smart devices, your lighting options have grown as well. With intelligent lighting, you can program light displays on different areas of the room which can cycle through a set pattern. This pattern can help play to a theme of your event, such as diamonds for a wedding. The intelligent lights can hint toward this theme by casting a display on a background area.

Tip #6: Capture the Best by Combining Effects

A trap of new technology forgets the power of previous technology. Many venues, reception halls, and event spaces have lighting rigs with traditional technology. This tech can be combined with LED lighting to provide nuances while maintaining a familiar touch. Using traditional lighting can also help stretch your budget.

Here at Auckland Sound Hire, we are always looking for lighting technology that will bring your event vision to life professionally. If the technology doesn’t exist, our creativity will adapt to make your event wow your audience. Call our team today to get a free estimate.